Employing only women

At kokoi, we believe in empowering women as one of our core pillars. We aim to provide opportunities for women who, despite possessing excellent handwork skills, encounter challenges in securing employment in our highly industrialized society.

Experience instead of age

“You are already too old for this job..."

Our women artisans often received this feedback before joining kokoi.

However, at kokoi, we prioritize experience over age when hiring.

While working with younger artisans might streamline certain aspects of the process—they may find it easier to communicate, grasp foreign languages, and have more agile hands for faster work—we believe that experience brings unique skills and perspectives that significantly contribute to the quality and depth of our creations.

We choose experience over age.

At kokoi, we highly value the wealth of experience these women have gained over the years and their remarkable work skills.

Age is not a determining factor for us when selecting individuals to work with.

The results speak for themselves.

Working conditions of the women artisans


For the women artisans employed at kokoi, one of the primary challenges they face in job searches is finding positions that allow them to balance family duties with professional commitments. Despite possessing impressive craftsmanship skills, they are often directed towards low-paying cleaning jobs.


We prioritize the well-being of our women artisans by offering them complete flexibility in terms of working hours. They have the option to choose between full-time or part-time employment, and their work hours are entirely adjustable to accommodate their other obligations.


To ensure fair compensation for their work, we pay them significantly more than the legally mandated minimum wage.

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