Is a lamp just a lamp?

Not at all!

Each kokoi lamp is the result of meticulous handwork, fair pay, flexible working hours, sustainable materials, a commitment to recycling, and real job opportunities for talented women artisans.

With these crucial elements in place, our lamps become one-of-a-kind pieces designed to last a lifetime.

Who is behind the production of kokoi lamps?

kokoi is not only about designing and building beautiful lamps.

It is above all about women empowerment.

We are proud to employ only women as artisans to build our lamps and we favor women who have great craftsmanship skills but difficulties to find a job in a country like Germany, with handwork nearly exists.

Each woman artisan at kokoi brings extensive previous handwork experience gained over years of working with noble materials such as silk, cotton, and wood.

Now, they have the opportunity to apply their unique skills to create distinctive lighting pieces.

Working conditions of the women artisans


For the women artisans employed at kokoi, one of the primary challenges they face in job searches is finding positions that allow them to balance family duties with professional commitments. Despite possessing impressive craftsmanship skills, they are often directed towards low-paying cleaning jobs.


We prioritize the well-being of our women artisans by offering them complete flexibility in terms of working hours. They have the option to choose between full-time or part-time employment, and their work hours are entirely adjustable to accommodate their other obligations.


To ensure fair compensation for their work, we pay them significantly more than the legally mandated minimum wage.

Empowering women

At kokoi, the women artisans are not merely producers of lamps; they are a fundamental pillar of the entire project. Engaged from the inception to the completion of lamp design and manufacturing, they actively contribute by proposing ideas and applying their creativity.

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