Upcycling is the process of transforming unused or discarded materials or products into more valuable or practical items.

zero waste flasche kokoi

Plastic bottles

Our lamps use a plastic bottle as the core of the lamp body where the rest of the lamp is mounted.

Bio-cotton and wicker

At kokoi, selecting environmentally friendly materials is always a top priority when choosing materials.

  • Augsburg collection

    In the Augsburg collection, we use bio-cotton as the primary material in our lamp production. The cotton is carefully rolled by hand into natural wicker canes, which is a highly time-intensive process. Finally, this assembly is mounted onto the plastic bottles.

  • Northwest collection

    The main material for the Northwest collection is wicker, and we only work with suppliers who allow us to trace the origin of their materials. This ensures that the wicker is produced in Europe, under good working conditions, and without the use of any harmful chemicals. Additionally, we require that all packaging is completely free of plastic.

  • Wicker colouring

    The colouring of the lamps in the Northwest collection is done directly by kokoi, using traditional colouring techniques. We use only biological tints and colours to dye the wicker, ensuring that our lamps are not only beautiful but also environmentally friendly.

Our contribution

We acknowledge that we do not sell at a large scale and that our efforts alone will not solve the issue of plastic pollution on our planet.

However, we strive to demonstrate to the world that combining high-level design with recycling is achievable. kokoi aims to make a statement in this regard.

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