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If you are purchasing groups of lamps, you can choose color combinations at checkout


Lampshade: hand-rolled organic cotton, slipped over wicker and mounted by hand on a plastic bottle

Power cable: textile cable, available in different colors

Lamp holder: bakelite and ceramic


Each kokoi lamp is handcrafted, so final dimensions may vary slightly.

Model Estela: ⌀ 70 cm, H 50 cm; Cable 2.5m

Model Kala: ⌀ 60 cm, H 45 cm; Cable 2.5m


kokoi only works with the most qualified shipping partners to ensure that the lamps reach you in perfect condition. As soon as you have completed the purchase of a lamp, we will contact you to inform you of the estimated shipping date. Each individual lamp is handmade and therefore the manufacturing process varies depending on the complexity. As an example: An Estela lamp will be delivered to you within 2 to 3 weeks after ordering. You can track your shipment via our website.

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The Malak lamp is a central part of the Augsburg collection. The lamps in this collection are made from organic cotton that is carefully dyed in natural colors.

The production of the lamps from this material is unusual and technically very complex. Both the cutting of the bottles and the braiding of the lamp are done entirely by hand and require a high level of craftsmanship.

The entire manufacturing process, from start to finish, takes several days until we have a lamp that meets our expectations.

The Malak lamp can be configured with multiple colors, both in the fabrics of the lamp itself and in the power cords.

The procedure

The production of the lamps in the Augsburg collection is time-consuming and complex. It takes precision to cut the bottle and a great deal of craftsmanship and patience to roll each line of cotton onto the fibers that make up the lamp. Several techniques are mastered to achieve a product of the highest standard

  • Social support

    Thanks to your purchase, we can continue to employ refugees in our company, who usually have a hard time finding work elsewhere.

  • Show who you are

    Send a clear signal by showing that you care about two of the biggest problems of our time: the integration of refugees and plastic waste.

  • No to mass production

    Break free from mass production and acquire a one-of-a-kind object, meticulously hand-designed for a greater purpose.