Is a lamp just a lamp?

Not at all!

Every kokoi lamp is the result of careful craftsmanship, fair pay, flexible working hours, sustainable materials, a commitment to recycling and real job opportunities for talented artisans who are struggling to integrate into our society.

These crucial properties make our lamps unique and last a lifetime.

Who produces the kokoi lamps?

Let's introduce Suhaila. Born in Syria in 1974, she began working at a young age in a high quality carpet workshop, creating exquisite silk pieces with her skilled hands. Her life was stable until the war came and forced her to leave everything and flee Syria.

After a very arduous journey on foot, Suhaila arrived in Germany, where she found security and a second chance in life. However, finding a job was an almost impossible task.

"We don't do anything by hand here anymore," she often heard. In a country where manual labor is no longer valued, Suhaila struggled to find her place.

But then came kokoi. Here Suhaila and other talented artisans like Aida, Shamani and Nadja have found a home where they can handcraft our lamps from start to finish. Each of their stories is a testament to the resilience and creativity of those who have had to start fresh in a new place.

working conditions of artisans


For refugee women, one of the biggest challenges when looking for work is finding a job that allows them to balance family responsibilities with professional commitments. Although they have impressive manual skills, they are often relegated to low-paying cleaning jobs.


We offer our artisans complete flexibility in terms of working hours. They can choose to work full-time or part-time, and their schedules are fully customizable to accommodate their other commitments.


To ensure that they are adequately remunerated for their work, we pay them significantly more than the statutory minimum wage.

Empowering women

At kokoi, the artisans are not just lamp makers, they are an integral part of our entire project. We value their creativity and actively seek their ideas and suggestions.

Our commitment

We are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a lifetime guarantee on every single Kokoi lamp. Yes, you read that right: a lifetime guarantee!

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