Upcycling is the process of converting unused or discarded materials or products into more valuable or practical items.

zero waste flasche kokoi

plastic bottle

Our lamps use a plastic bottle as the core of the lamp body to which the rest of the lamp is attached.

Organic cotton and willow

At kokoi, the selection of environmentally friendly materials always has top priority when selecting materials.

  • Augsburg collection

    In the Augsburg collection we use organic cotton as the main material for the production of our lamps. The cotton is carefully hand rolled into natural willow rods, which is a very time consuming process. Finally, this structure is mounted on the plastic bottles.

  • Northwest Collection

    The main material for the Northwest collection is willow and we only work with suppliers where we can trace the origin of the materials. This is how we ensure that the braid is manufactured in Europe under good working conditions and without the use of harmful chemicals. We also require all packaging to be completely plastic-free.

  • Dyeing of willow

    The Northwest Collection lamps are colored directly by Kokoi. It uses traditional dyeing techniques that have been used in basketry for centuries. We only use organic dyes to color the weave, so our lamps are not only beautiful but also environmentally friendly.

Our contribution

We realize that we do not sell at scale and that our efforts alone will not solve the problem of plastic pollution on our planet. However, we want to show the world that combining quality design and recycling is possible. Kokoi wants to set an example in this regard.

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