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How did it all start?

Gilda Vilas and Fernando Vilas were inspired to found Kokoi after they started working with refugees in 2016. Under the impression of the threat from the Islamic State, a large wave of refugees from Syria, Pakistan, etc. came to Germany. Because of the war, these people who lived stable and peaceful lives were forced to leave their homes, leaving behind their families and everything they had built.

Despite knowing the refugee crisis from the news, it was through her work as a refugee integration trainer that Gilda truly understood what these people had to go through and the sacrifices they had to make to get to where they are now.

They are now confronted with the problem that the jobs they learned in their home countries - especially the women - are not in demand in industrialized countries such as Germany. They can hand-sew silk carpets, carve wood with great precision, do almost any demanding manual job, but these jobs have no place in the labor market and, as a result, they almost always lose the opportunity to integrate into society.

discover lamps

    In Germany from January to April 2022. The trend is rising, now with the refugees from the Ukraine


    People who are currently attending the integration course of the German BAMF (Federal Office for Migration and Refugees).


    Current unemployment rate in Germany for people from countries of origin of asylum seekers.

Our contribution

Because Gilda and Fernando heard these stories firsthand, they decided to do their part to change that. They are convinced that these people have a lot to contribute to a modernized society and that the only thing they lack are job opportunities where they can apply their knowledge.

From this came the idea of ​​Kokoi: to create handcrafted products with high design and exclusivity.

From the very beginning, Kokoi was established with a clear idea of ​​providing a dignified and quality job opportunity to people with great abilities who are struggling to find work in the current labor market in the most developed countries.

Everyone who buys a Kokoi product helps to give many people a chance at a better life.

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